Modern Development

Modern Development in 2010, 2011, 2012

I sometimes think that if I just take a little break and go fishing for 6 months that I’d never catch up to all the changes on the web.  Just a few years ago I could goof off for a few months and not keep up with my education and all was well.  But, technology is moving fast… faster than any developer really enjoys.  The truth is that in this line of work you are always learning.

There is absolutely zero time to rest and just enjoy the things you’ve mastered (or at least understand), since new stuff comes flying at you daily.  In the last couple years it’s accelerated.

It used to be:

You could have a static web site that didn’t get updated regularly.

You could throw cheap links at a web site to get it to rank.  The rest didn’t matter so much.

A web site was either made for a mobile device or it wasn’t.

A web site was different than an “application”.

Now we’ve got web sites that scale to the size of the monitors, we’ve got web sites that integrate with Facebook right down to the log ins, and we’ve got social networks driving more traffic to e-commerce than search engines.  While that is going on they are selling more tablets and smart phones than P.C.’s!

The web’s gone mobile and the choices are mind boggling when you are looking at developing a new web site.  This isn’t the time to:

  • Use a free “do it yourself” website service.
  • Hire a cheap college kid.
  • Outsource to a group of programmers working for 10 bucks an hour overseas.

Now is the time to use the web to lock in your spot and status for years.  A great web site can change how your customers perceive your business, how you communicate with your customers, and even how they find you.  This is the time to hire a pro that is going to build you a MODERN web site.  One that works, does it’s job, and makes you money!