No Delays In Web Development!

You know you need a web site right?  Well did you know that one of the biggest factors of ranking well in the search engines is the age of your domain?  That’s right, just by getting started with something small, you can establish a presence that you can grow over time.

So let’s say you’ve got a contracting company and you just want a little presence – enough that when someone searches for you, they see your web site.  It gives you some credibility, and of course that matters, when you go to close that bid.  Who do you think will do better?  The guy who just has a phone number, or the contractor that looks like this: ?  I know the answer, and that’s why I’m talking directly to YOU!

You do not need much, just a home page, an about us page, a contact page, and maybe an information page about one of your services.  Something like that is a fast easy web site to build.  Drop me a note today, and I’ll help you do it in your budget.  I’ll even spread the payments out monthly over a two year period to make it easier on you.  Chances are, those monthly payments will be cheaper than some firms are just charging for hosting your web site.



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