Contact Ed Charkow

To Contact me:


Phone:  My cell at 302 -480- 4220.

You can also just send me an e-mail and I’ll provide you with my home/office numbers.   Since I work from home quite frequently and I have kids, I’ve decided to limit the exposure of those numbers.

Smoke Signals:  If you live local to Delaware I would probably see a smoke signal.  However, I recommend that E-mail be used since it’s much more reliable!

You can also reach out to me via:  LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.  Just be warned – I’m not a junkie and e-mail is a much faster way to reach me!  You can also visit my personal blog at Ed Charkow.

I think you now have enough ways to get in touch with me…  So last but not least –

Delaware Webmaster is owned and operated by Edward Charkow.  Unless otherwise noted any development work performed will be done in house by myself.  I do not outsource unless it’s required.  However,  I do have a partnership with several other SEO/SEM marketing firms and may refer aggressive SEO or marketing needs to them.  I am employed by these firms and if programming is needed I will be performing that function through them since it’s not cost effective or smart to pay a programmer to do marketing.