Custom Programming

Custom Programming in Delaware!

I’m available on a “work for hire” basis in the state of Delaware for small to mid=sized custom programming jobs.  That includes custom content management solutions, database driven websites, membership sites, e-commerce solutions, and all sorts of fun “marketing” related websites are right up my alley.  Chances are if it’s possible to build in PHP, I’ve built or worked with something like it.

I’m also open to full time employment or 1099 work on a temporary basis, especially if you provide cake!  Warning:  Sometimes I have contractual obligations that might prevent me from taking a term or permanent position no matter how good your cake is.  I also do enjoy working for myself so you must temp me with things like benefits and stability :)  Cake is better than that stuff though – so start there!

I think start-ups are great, especially ones that are funded and can at least pay the programmer peanuts/cake.  Sadly, start-ups that just extend to an idea you have that you would like me to build does not go over well with my family.  They get annoyed when I tell them I’m working for the next 3 months for free for an idea that has a 95 percent chance of failure because it’s unfunded.  They really are quite greedy and insist on utilities and food.  Also, cake only works on the little guys.  The wife and teenagers know how to make their own cake.

So what are my chops? Why should you hire me?

I’m fluent in LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, and PHP).

I am competent in Photoshop, and while I am NOT an artist, I’m quite capable of making all the components of a web site.  I’ve got great contacts for logo’s and creatives as well if my design chops aren’t quite up to what you are looking for (hey – most programmers are not artists, don’t blame me)!

I also code web sites to the latest standards with browser compliant code that is stable and up to date.  Yes, kids – that means I work with html5/css3 as well as older versions depending upon what is needed.

I can hold my own with Javascript and Jquery.

Python, Django, Ruby, Rails, and the libraries that go with them hold little fear for me — but I’d rather work with PHP and not have to hit the books for a new project.

I can modify and change most open source scripts to do what you need – that includes wordpress, magento, open cart, and others.

I’m experienced enough to know what I shouldn’t be doing and won’t let you hire me for it even if you have German Chocolate cake!

Most importantly, I build solutions that solve problems – I don’t create new ones.  I’ve been at this long enough working for advertising and marketing firms that I know what you need to make your website get noticed, get attention from the search engines, and of course to just “work”.  Apple and I have a lot in common!

I don’t work on guesses, and that saves you time and money.  Every project that’s requires custom programming comes with a full breakdown BEFORE work gets started.  You’ll know what your web site or application will do BEFORE a single line of code is written.