Custom Solutions

Custom Web Site and Marketing Solutions In Delaware

Delaware Webmaster is your local source for Custom Programming and Web Development services.  I have over 10 years of experience working with some of the best marketing and promotional firms in the industry.  Plus with my experience, I can develop solutions that fit exactly your needs.  If you live outside Delaware, we will have to pretend you are really here because it’s a great state and you should be jealous that you don’t live here anyway.  The good news is that I’ve worked with people all over the world – you do not have to be in my back yard for us to work together.

Every Client Receives the Following:

Consulting and Advice:

I won’t do anything for you at all unless we talk for a few minutes first.  I’ve been doing this for a long time and one thing I see over and over is clients who just didn’t get what they wanted from their last developer.  In many cases it was because the developer wasn’t listening, but in most cases they just didn’t ask the right questions.  I will even talk to you if you aren’t a client.  Fair warning:  I will try to turn you into a client IF (and only if) you aren’t being served properly by your current developer or set up.

Included Training:

When I build a web site for you I make sure you know how to use the extra goodies that come with it.  If you have a content management system for adding content, I’ll show you how to use it.  I make a video for you that shows you everything so you are never confused or at a loss!

Personal and Professional Service:

Many developers have ego’s the size of a small planet.  My ego is more the size of a healthy moon…. that means I’ll listen and guide, and ultimately put the same thing you are concerned with first — YOUR RETURN ON INVESTMENT!  My job is to help you make more money, get your message out, or to make your life easier.  If your current developer isn’t doing that for you, we should talk!

Affordable Options:

I get it – the economy isn’t that hot right now.  However, a presence on the web can only HELP your business if it’s done right.  That means your budget has to be considered from the start.  I’ll work with you as much a possible to help your business grow – even if that means a payment plan.  Let’s talk it over and go from there!

Tech Hands Free If Desired:

Want to not deal with anything technical and think you might scream if I say, “HTML, DOM, PHP, or Protocol”?  Just make it clear that you don’t want the headaches and want me to maintain your web site until I die of old age, and we can work  it out.  I’m currently training one of my children and the dog to take over at some point so I get more vacation time.  So far the dog is doing great, so there might even be options after I die!  The cat is also watching me work right now and might be planning  a corporate takeover in the event the dog gets to much control!  However, in the event that those things do not work out, I do have a relationship (of 10+ years) with a firm that will be here long after me that will be able to take over.


My contracts spell out our obligations to each other.  That means that it makes ME just as responsible to do what I tell you I’ll do!  Sadly, I am no longer able to do any work with out a contract.  My wife and children enjoy eating and they get upset when I tell them things like:  “I worked 80 hours this week for XYZ and they changed their minds so you have to eat beans”.    The good news is that a contract also stops you from having to say things like: “I paid that developer 8 zillion dollars and all I got was this bumper sticker that says ‘ha ha’ “.  In other words – I’m a pro at this.  I’ll deliver and I’ll back it up with a contract!

Types of Services Offered by Delaware Webmaster:

General Web site Development:

For most small businesses who just want a presence on-line they don’t need all the bells and whistles!  I’ve helped clients who were getting $5000 dollar quotes from others for less than $250.  If you just need a platform that has your logo, and preferred look – that’s easy stuff and can be finished in a couple days.

Complex Development:

I’m a professional programmer with 10 years of experience.  If you can think of it – I can build it!  I’ll use industry best practices, and provide you with a well tested, functional web site (or application) that can grow easily in the future.

Websites that interact with social media:

Want your clients to be able to use your website through facebook?  Want to integrate any web 2.0 or social network?  Want something that can go viral?  Yep – I can do that!

E-commerce / Web sites that Sell:

I’ve worked with dozens of E-commerce platforms, and can create you the solution that works just right for your business.  I’m a 3dCart partner as well, so if you want the convenience of a third party cart with your own custom design and features – I’ve got you covered!

Put your web site to work:

Web sites should do a job.  If you don’t know what “JOB” your website is doing for you, we should talk.  If you had an employee that you weren’t sure what they did all day, would you fire them?  A web site is just a public relations and marketing tool that should be performing a certain function.


Web sites need to be promoted.  They need incoming links, they need unique content on a regular basis, and in many cases they need paid advertising.  I develop web sites so they market themselves as much as possible, and that everything that can be done from a programming point of view is done to make all that easier.  That’s because I HATE marketing… I’d rather program than do the marketing side of things.  I do promote any web site I build for my clients free of charge.  However, in many cases, much more is needed.  Depending upon your needs I am quite able to help you and even possibly include it in a maintenance package for you.  More complex marketing needs and I’ll refer you to one of the firms that keeps me on retainer for custom development.  I’ll guarantee they do a great job for you – and I’ve got your back through the entire process.