Featured Company: J.C. BIb – Delaware’s Best General Contractor!

If you are looking for a good General Contractor you know how hard that is.  I can recommend Jeremy quite highly as both a qualified contractor and an all around great guy.  I’ve really enjoyed building his website, but I’ve also known him for years.  Our kids have played together in Girl Scouts for many years and are still great friends as teenagers.  I know he goes the extra mile – so do not hesitate to contact him.

In the course of building this website for Jeremy I’ve had the chance to see literally hundreds of images that were taken through out the course of his daily work.  If they were all “finished” projects It would be impressive enough, but since Jeremy takes pictures through the entire course of a project I get to see things all the way through — just like a customer would see during the course of a project.

With the amount of destruction that goes on when you tear out concrete or take out an old deck, you’d expect a much bigger mess.  It’s obvious that Jeremy and his crew take pride in what they do.  You can’t beat that – and it’s getting hard to find these days.


Visit his site at http://www.jcbib.com

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