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So, It’s 3:00 AM in the morning and you find that you can’t sleep because your neighbor has just told you that he is going to sue you because your dog barks to much.  While this would never happen to me because my dog Sandy is just a perfect little angel that would never bark while I had my headphones on and couldn’t hear her, it would be great if I had someone to turn to.

So let’s say that my perfect little angel then got out the door while the man in his pajama’s was telling me in such polite language what he thinks of my dog, myself, and my snot-nosed kids, I suggested that my dog was about to be let out to have him for dinner.  Let’s say he took my “threat” seriously enough to call the police.

While in this (purely) hypothetical situation, I wasn’t arrested, and I doubt he’s actually going to sue me for my dog barking or me telling him to go away (nicely – I was just offering to let the dog out so he could come in for dinner – really), it might be nice if I had someone to turn to for advice.

That’s where All Night Legal comes in.  This is a early stage of a new start up that will most likely be bringing the concept of a digital law firm to the public.  It’s a pretty cool idea if you ask me.

We all know how much we love lawyers :)  This way you don’t have to deal with secretaries, or make appointments, etc…

In the privacy of your own home (while hiding from the neighbor) you can write up a short description of your legal problem and get some FREE (see that great word there? FREE) LEGAL ADVICE!  Since it’s a digital law firm, you can chose to work further with the lawyer who answers your questions and you seem to connect with.

Don’t worry – if it’s day time, you can always head over to All Day Legal as well!



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